1. What is Zade Vital?

Zade Vital® offered to you with 130 years of Helvacızade experience and expertise is a series of products and a project process which, through the university-industry collaboration, introduces to our country’s economy “natural drugs, nutritional supplements and cosmetic products” in which products of plant origin are used which have not been considered yet as a drug in our country, but can be registered and prescribed as a drug in the European Union and developed countries, and are used as oil seeds as raw materials.

2. What does manufacturing under GMP standards mean?

GMP refers to the “Good Manufacturing Practices”. Manufacturing under GMP standards is a set of rules affecting each stage within the process from raw materials to end users son. The GMPs guarantee quality standards of products through continuous controls. The Zade Vital® Series of Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Syrups are manufactured at the Zade Vital® Facilities under the International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

3. Why are cold pressed oils beneficial as nutritional supplements?

Helvacızade knows where and how the raw materials of its products are grown, and all production steps. Natural nutritional supplements are expected to improve quality of life and to increase overall durability and strength of the body against diseases. Since there are no heat treatments and chemical substance applications in products manufactured by the extraction of oil from seeds through the cold pressing method, essential fatty acids, namely omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, naturally pass to the oil.

4. Are Omega fatty acids necessary for all the systems of the body to function normally and healthily?

Sufficient and balance intake of fatty acids is particularly important for a healthy skin, healthy cardiovascular system, healthy brain, strong immune and good antioxidant defense. Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids are some of the most important unsaturated fatty acids and necessary for the healthy continuation of many metabolic activities.

5. How should I store Zade Vital products? How do product storage conditions affect active ingredients?

Zade Vital® products are packaged with packaging materials to best protect all the properties of products from the first production stage until it reaches you. Amber-colored glass bottles used for liquid products offer UV protection. Soft capsule products are manufactured according to GMP norms. After purchase, the product should be kept sealed, preferably in its bottle, away from heat, light and moisture.

6. Do Zade Vital products contain any additives or preservatives?

Zade Vital® products are produced by using naturally grown raw materials, through the cold pressing method without any application of thermal and chemical processes, and by preserving all beneficial ingredients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the plants and seeds contain. No chemical additive is used during the production, filling and storage stages in Zade Vital® products.

7. I am a vegetarian. I don’t consume products such as fish oil. Does Zade Vital® offer an alternative product?

Zade Vital® offers products of plant origin alternative to animal origin products and equivalent or richer in active ingredient contents. As an example, you may get Omega-3 fatty acids from plant-derived products, such as Flax Seed Oil or Walnut Oil.

8. In which age range are your products used?

Since our products have a wide range of users to meet needs of people of every age group, they are recommended by physicians and pharmacists in many different fields.

9. From where can we purchase your products?

Pharmacists are the first and correct points of contact one jump ahead of our people for correct information and guidance of our society. Being the single educated occupational group about herbal products in Turkey and able to provide the most correct information to people, pharmacists are the people who primarily consider consumer health. Therefore Zade Vital® meets our society only in pharmacies and under consultancy of pharmacists.

10. What is the source of gelatin used in soft capsules?

Soft capsules of Zade Vital® Natural Nutritional Supplements are manufactured from bovine gelatin with halal certification.

11. Do Zade Vital products make us gain weight?

The calorie contents in each capsule of Zade Vital® products are indicated on boxes and in our catalogues.