Zade Vital® Series of Natural Nutritional Supplements

 We are Different 

Zade Vital®, Turkey’s first healthy living brand, Ege University Center for Drug R&D and Pharmacokinetic Applications (ARGEFAR) It continues to “be different and makes a difference for our health” with its products it has developed in cooperation with ARGEFAR and manufactured at the Zade Vital® Plants under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

​Zade Vital® Natural Nutritional Supplements are manufactured from 111 different plants, fruits and seeds through the cold pressing method, and consist of 507 different products presented in 9 different forms for various uses. Also, in 2014, it achieved to have the “Ministry of Health Registration of Medicinal Product for Human Use” for a traditional herbal medicinal product for the first time in Turkey.

Each being a miracle of nature, these plants, fruits and seeds are selected carefully from the four corners of Turkey and the world and undergo quality control through various analyses before the production.

The Zade Vital® products are manufactured untouched and free from human error at the Zade Vital® Plants under automatic control under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards.

We all know we have lots of things to do in order to lead a healthy and quality life and we are proud to offer the best one to you in this respect.


+ More than 130 years of experience

All Zade Vital® products are offered to you with more than 130 years of experience and expertise of Helvacızade. Being among Turkey’s 500 largest establishments, Helvacızade Group develops innovative products which will support protecting public health and increasing health level. Products developed and manufactured at the Zade® and Zade Vital® R&D and manufacturing centers meet people in more than 65 countries in the 5 continents.

+ Reliable Through the University-Industry Collaboration

All of the Zade Vital® products are developed in cooperation with Ege University Center for Drug R&D and Pharmacokinetic Applications and their quality is tested by ARGEFAR. 
Plants used as the raw materials of Zade Vital® products are manufactured on the 4.100-decare lands of Ege University Faculty of Agriculture. Plants are grown under control within the scope of Organic Agricultural Principles and GAP-Good Agricultural Practices and made available for manufacturing upon approval of the Council for Science of Zade Vital®. Products grown at Ege University Faculty of Agriculture Menemen Research, Practice and Training Farm and “Organic-certified plants and seeds” to be used in planting will have certifications within the scope of the Regulations on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products issued by the Ministry of Health.

+ Innovative products with the R-D Centers

Being in a leading and innovative position in its industry with its R&D studies, Zade Vital® rapidly continues its studies in order to offer products that will provide value to the society under the consultancy of physicians, pharmacists and experts. Certified by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology among the R&D Centers in Turkey that are limited in number in 2015, the Zade® & Zade Vital® İbn-i Sina R&D Centre is the first R&D Centre in the field of health supplementary products in our country.
In the Centre where new product studies and patent obtaining procedures are carried out for nutritional supplements, drugs and food, especially natural products, product trials can be performed under GMP standards. The technological infrastructure provided by the devices from Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Italy and England has 139 important devices, and the studies are conducted in 5 different units. The İbn-i Sina R&D Centre where the joint projects have been conducted with the distinguished universities of our country is also an “academy of sciences” in which scientists who will shape the future of our country have been trained. 
For the first time in Turkey, R&D studies are conducted for the plants and seeds growing in the lands of our country at the Natural Products Research and Application Centre established at the Zade Vital® Facilities in collaboration with Selçuk University and Ege University ARGEFAR; Ege University ARGEFAR contributes to the Zade Vital® projects in technical, scientific and method sharing issues. 
The product groups developed at DÜAMER include Ministry of Health-registered medicinal products for human use, traditional herbal medicinal products, aromatherapy products, cosmetic and dermocosmetic products and biotechnological products. 
The DÜAMER investigators make use of the laboratory facilities for the R&D and product development studies of the relevant units of Selçuk University, Ege University, Ankara University, Boğaziçi University, Sabancı University and Yeditepe University.

+ High Standard Manufacturing

The Zade® Facilities are the first herbal oil facility in Turkey to obtain TS-EN-ISO 9002 Quality Management System Certification. The Zade® Facilities is the first and only company that has 17 different quality management systems and certifications. Having obtained EIA Report and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification in all industries for the first time in Turkey and certified its environmental consciousness, the Zade® Facilities have been granted “Eco-friendly Industrialist” and “Environmental Incentive Awards” by KSO.

+ Manufacturing under GMP standards

With the Zade Vital® Drug Manufacturing Facilities, our country has acquired the Europe’s largest high technology-based soft gel capsule manufacturing facilities under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Having obtained the “Drug Manufacturing Site Permit” in 2015, the Zade Vital® Facilities broke new ground in the world and in Turkey, and the “Cold Press” manufacturing method was approved with GMP certification. The manufacturing of all Zade Vital® products is performed through the systems with advanced technology at the facilities with computer controlled building management. In the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments, experienced and competent R&D staff works. The annual production capacity of the Zade Vital® Facilities is 1 billion capsules.

+ The World’s Richest Series

​The Zade Vital® Series of Herbal Nutritional Supplements consist of 67 different types and 384 different products. The Zade Vital® Series of Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil have been developed in 5 different segments and in 9 different forms in order to provide the most ideal Omega 3 support to different age groups. With Zade Vital® Premium Omega 3 Fish Oil Syrups, special tastes have been developed for girls and boys and adults for the first time in Turkey.